A critIcal fight - igniting a global grief revolution

A revolution has begun to address this humanitarian crisis of mistreatment of bereaved parents and families. One of the biggest and unspoken travesties of our time, is the medicalising and pathologizing of grief. And that must end to save and preserves the lives of those deeply grieving.

Grief has been cruelly displaced into this clinical sphere, and it only serves to dehumanise this natural response to catastrophic trauma. The consequent ripple effect has resulted in a society which has long accepted this orientation.

Grief is not a problem to be resolved. Grief is not a mental illness or an ailment to recover from and nor is it a linear condition that travels through an upward trajectory to a definitive end.

To deny the human experience of grief, is to deny the existence, depth and worth of love. These two most powerful forces are the foundation of humanity. They co-exist and are at the epicentre of the human living condition. Grief IS love.

Apart from the diverse terrain and dynamics of individual personalities, numerous forces are at play causing the abandonment of grieving families. This includes the archaic and ingrained condition of a grief avoidant society and the avoidance of real and valid emotion. In addition, egos, arrogance, fears, and a self- absorbed, superficial society addicted to the next instant gratification, are all contributors.


Offering an astute, in depth and articulate insight, I unapologetically and robustly challenge the status quo on the mistreatment of bereaved parents and siblings. Too many have been emotionally brutalised, suffering heart wrenchingly in silence and worse. Yet they are amongst the mightiest in our society.

This is a catalyst for a revolutionary change to shake up the current misguided mindset and mistreatment of bereaved families. Education and awareness should be aimed at harnessing any good intentions of others which more often than not, misfire and hurt deeply. It is a minefield if loved ones and community are not aware of how you feel, what you need or what to do or say.

Genuine empathy, love, and compassion (not pity) are the anchors for a civilised society. The more this issue is brought out of the darkness, the fears and anxieties held fast by communities then lose their power. Society can and must do infinitely better.

Grieving parents are the only experts on their grief. You grieve as you love – And that is utterly on your own terms.

Grieving parents are people of incredible, true, and quality substance because of what they endure for all their lives. They should be held in the highest respect and honour for their ongoing survival.